Transparency through monitoring

Many companies fail to realize potential energy savings because they lack usage information. With targeted monitoring, Kofler Energies creates transparency regarding the energy status of buildings, systems, and processes.

To lower operating energy consumption, overall usage must first be systematically evaluated. Through energy monitoring by Kofler Energies, current consumption data is analyzed.
We recognize higher usage or utilization that differs from target values immediately, so that countermeasures can be taken early.

Customers can review their measurement data and meter readings via a webportal 24/7.
Our complex alarm systems has the capability to automatically send a message to the appropriate employee for every defined parameter as soon as measurements deviate from the norm. This employee can thus respond to deviations before customers even realize the error. This process reduces internal communication requirements and increases customer satisfaction.

Sound Investment Decisions

The evaluation of the gathered data serves as the foundation of our customers’ consumption assessment. This information allows customers to reliably determine consumption development for heating, air conditioning, compressor units, power, and hot water, identify potentials for savings, and make sound investment decisions.

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