Modern Lighting Concepts: environmentally friendly and economical

With modern lighting systems, energy consumption can be reduced up to 90%. Furthermore, the light, generally LED-based, provides high flexibility in control and light flux stability, and does not require repairs for many years.

In industry and trade, retail, community lighting or medical/social facilities, there is often outdated lighting that uses too much energy unnecessarily, does not provide adequate illumination, requires a great deal of maintenance, does not meet regulatory requirements, or, as in the case of HQL lamps, contains lighting material that is now prohibited.

Highly efficient LED systems are an excellent replacement option that can result in power cost savings of 50% to 90% within an amortization period of generally less than 2 years. Additionally, these systems revolutionize lighting through higher illumination, stability in light flux, no flickering, brilliant color representation, highly flexible control, and no repairs for years or decades due to their long life. Here, we also provide you with the option to finance the upgrade without a large investment through leasing.

Installation during ongoing operation and instant savings

Our engineers develop customized and manufacturer-independent lighting concepts for industrial and trade companies, as well as retailers, subsidiaries, hotels, recreational facilities, and parking garages. Installation and mounting can be accomplished quickly without disrupting operations. Kofler Energies supports customers from the initial analysis of the current status to installation and acceptance of the new lighting system.

Upon request, we can arrange simple lease financing and provide support in applications for funding. Of course, we also calculate the cost effectiveness of the investment with or without leasing and funding.

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