Biogas Solutions

Renewable or waste biomass: we have tailored solutions to expertly prepare your biomass for conversion into energy

Biogas is a flammable gas that is created by the fermentation of all types of biomass. It is produced in biogas systems whereby waste products as well as renewable raw materials are fermented.

This biogas is used in special motors for environmentally-friendly power generation. The use of fossil fuels is thus reduced and, simultaneously, the ever-growing waste problem is mitigated.

The specialists at Kofler Energies concentrate on the problem of biogenic waste disposal. Biogenic waste can be in the form of food residue, as well as human or animal waste products, or even waste from slaughterhouses. These varying materials and differing local requirements call for flexible adaptation of existing knowhow in order to find the best location-specific solution.

Thanks to the international orientation of the Kofler Group and the broad experience base of our experts, Kofler Energies is the ideal partner to successfully develop, build, and commission your biomass project and, upon request, to service it or even operate it.

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