Optimized Systems Operation

Through optimized operation of technical systems by professional experts, energy costs can be reduced permanently.

Buildings account for approx. 40 % of all energy use in Europe, primarily for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as heating water. The effective management of existing supply systems is the first step in significantly reducing energy consumption, and thereby costs.

As systems operators, our specialists guarantee efficient and economical operation of all systems. Especially with older systems, a great deal of energy can be saved with this approach. But increases in efficiency can also be substantial with new systems if they have not been optimally controlled previously.

Small adjustments – big results

Through consistent energy data management, we ensure that heating, cooling, boiler, or CHP systems are continually running on their finely tuned, energy efficient level. Using simulation calculations, we can determine the prospective energy use for the next several days and modulate the systems accordingly.

Furthermore, our engineers constantly derive additional measures from the energy data management results to increase efficiency. Numerous industrial customers, as well as clients in the healthcare and hotel sectors have profited from our experience.

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