Tailored Purchasing Strategies

Kofler Energies provides competent and independent support to its customers in the selection of the appropriate gas and power suppliers. And we ensure that energy costs continue to decline. Today, already more than 2,000 customers rely on our many years of experience.

Kofler Energies analyzes the requirements of the customer and develops a tailored procurement strategy – based on fixed-price models, tranche models, or spot market models. Subsequently, we expertly put the future energy requirements out to bid nationwide, evaluate incoming bids, and provide support in the selection of the right supplier.

In this process, we focus on high-performance suppliers who can optimally meet customer demand. Terms and conditions for supply and contracts are then precisely adapted to the usage structure.

Support throughout the entire contract term

Even after successful award of the contract, we continue to support our customers through the entire term of the energy supply contract and provide expertise in change processes, contract reviews, extensions, and other instances. As energy experts, we are constantly watching the market, analyzing price developments, and deriving concrete operating recommendations therefrom. We are flexible and can respond to changes in requirements or bid situations – and thereby ensure long-term savings.

All energy relevant information and documents are accessible via our customer portal – around the clock, comprehensive, and across all areas of supply.

Upon request, we will establish a free, non-binding, and objective estimate of your current energy procurement situation.

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