Bioenergy – practically inexhaustible

Bioenergy is becoming increasingly important around the world – often this topic can be found under the term “waste to energy” – which also best describes the activities of Kofler Energies in this field. We can provide support in all questions regarding how to use biogenic waste for energy generation – up to the construction of complex systems.

In Germany, bioenergy is known under the catchphrase biogas and associated with the raw material corn. But there are many other energy suppliers that do not come to mind immediately, but often cause significant problems worldwide – biowaste (food residue, production waste from the food industry, sewage sludge, etc.). This source of energy presents significant potential that is seized in many countries. The waste is used to produce high-quality gas in a biogas plant. The gas can be supplied to the public gas network or can be converted to power using CHP plants. The thermal discharge of the CHP plants can be directly used in production processes or district heating by the biogas plant.

Kofler Energies provides customer support from energy analysis of waste products to plant design and construction of the system. Upon customer request, the system can also be financed, operated, and maintained through a contracting model – worldwide!

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