Electricity and heat production on your own

Cogen plants combine electricity and heat generation in buildings and thereby enable a most efficient, flexible, and moreover economical energy supply – which generally pays off for corporate customers. Kofler Energies analyzes, on an individual basis, whether a CHP solution makes sense.

A modern CHP system brings reliable electricity generation, independent of the power grid, directly to the building, and, at the same time, generates heat. Regardless of whether you are talking about space or process heating: with an effectiveness rating of more than 90%, the heat created through power generation is directly used in the building using CHP. In comparison to electricity generated in a conventional power plant, every kilowatt hour generated in a cogen plant not only saves valuable primary energy, and thereby ready cash, but also environmentally damaging carbon dioxide (CO2). Additionally, CHP systems are not subject to energy, power, and mineral oil taxes, and operators receive various subsidies and funding.

Your partner from analysis to operations management

Cogen plants make sense for many companies – but this can only be determined based on an analysis of your specific situation. Therefore, Kofler Energies’ first step is to create a customized efficiency analysis for the installation of a cogen plant while considering and, where applicable, combining existing systems. Based on this analysis, our engineers calculate whether a CHP solution makes sense for you. If a cogen plant is the right choice from a technical standpoint, Kofler Energies assumes the planning function, provides construction support until completion, and, upon request, takes on active operation and maintenance after completion.

You are already using CHP? Then we will be happy to provide support in the modernization of your outdated systems.

Greater intrinsic value for your property:

In equal demand situations, buildings and systems with combined and efficient energy supply through a cogen plant save in comparison to separate supply and make your property more attractive at the same time: learn more.

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