Customized strategies for energy efficiency

Energy consumption in buildings and industrial processes can be significantly reduced with a customized strategy for energy efficiency. The engineers at Kofler Energies systematically identify potentials for savings in energy purchasing, distribution, and utilization.

The operation of factories, storage facilities, hotels, and larger office buildings requires a lot of energy. The main consumers are ventilation systems, large heating systems, lighting systems, and compressor units. In buildings, energy use can be reduced by 10% to 30%. In industrial processes, the potential for energy savings is on average approx. 25%. The optimization of production processes through the utilization of waste heat and heat recovery is here in the forefront.

Focus on usage comfort

Kofler Energies relies exclusively on customized consulting and tailored concepts. We thereby not only maximize success in savings, but also ensure that the systems are adapted precisely to the needs of the user. We evaluate all levels of the energy value chain and various energy consumers. We proceed as follows:

Analysis of potentials: We identify and evaluate the potentials and present possible approaches.

Detailed analysis: We develop concrete measures up to implementation maturity and deliver a “bankable” economic valuation.

Implementation support: We provide support during implementation and also coordinate with other participating companies upon request.

Verification of success: After implementation, we determine the success.

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