Efficient measuring of energy data

In order to effectively lower operational energy consumption, you first have to determine how much energy is used and in which areas. Kofler Energies creates energy related indicator systems and measuring concepts according to a methodology specifically developed by us.

High energy costs present a large financial burden in many operations. To reduce these systematically and to attain tangible savings goals, the consumption and assignment of energy must be precisely determined. This requires a measuring concept that is linked to savings objectives and integrates the right metrics.

A smart measuring concept identifies exactly which areas of the production process can be optimized. In this way, for example, how many kilowatt hours of gas are required to process one ton of material, depending on workload, or how much power is used per square meter on factory floor A and B can be initially assessed.

Defining relevant areas for measuring

Only when the measuring concept has been established should requirements be determined by computers and respective software – often, existing computers can continue to be used or upgraded. Up to 50 percent of investment costs for the measuring equipment can thus be saved. Upon successful implementation of the concept, it forms the backbone of operational energy management. Furthermore, a sophisticated measuring is modular and can be easily expanded to meet future needs.

Energy related indicator systems

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are the foundation of process improvement. Using this performance indicator system, aka energy monitoring, we can determine success factors and progress towards important objectives and act accordingly. The measuring concept is the basis for the determination and maintenance of important and impactful KPIs in this process.

Transparent processes – measurable success

Management of energy data does not only provide financial benefits, but also brings transparency to relevant processes. We make success measurable and guarantee that heating, cooling, boiler, compressor, electric, and CHP systems continue to work at an energy efficient level permanently through continual process control. Furthermore, our engineers constantly derive additional measures from the results of energy data management to consistently increase efficiency.

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