Hybrid Power Plants: efficient and environmentally friendly

A hybrid power plant provides the customer with a high degree of energy autonomy, security in supply, and flexibility. Kofler Energies develops hybrid supply concepts in which conventional and renewable energy are optimally adapted to one another to meet customer requirements.

Hybrid power plants synchronize renewable and conventional technologies for energy generation. For example, photovoltaic systems are linked with flexible CHP or heat pumps, and solar heat. Surplus energy is stored in batteries or thermal storage systems to separate generation and consumption. This enables an efficient load management.

Kofler Energies develops new hybrid solutions, expands existing ones, or remodels conventional systems. The core is our innovative system control that controls the interaction of the various systems, gathers data, and evaluates it. In this way, supply is optimally adjusted to meet current requirements at all times.

Comprehensive Services

Additionally, our engineers assume complete operations management, including maintenance and repair. Through this concept of pairing, customers benefit from a more secure supply and maximum effectiveness of the individual systems. Various energy sources can be applied, depending on economic circumstances.

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