Producing efficiently

Potentials for optimization are not only found in energy consumption. Kofler Energies identifies avoidable waste of resources and develops an a master plan for planning and control of the entire production chain.

Efficient use of resources is crucial for the success of a company. A complete overview of all input factors of production helps identify cost drivers and unnecessary waste of resources. These include, for example, idle time, effluent, overproduction, or defective products. Kofler Energies defines when and to what extent energy and resources should be used, where interdependencies are created, and which points along the production chain present the greatest potentials for optimization. We prioritize these using performance and value based cost accounting. In this process, we not only consider the technical systems themselves, but also how they are utilized by the employees.

Experienced engineers support optimization

Our engineers apply a combination of technical expertise, methodological competence, and extensive experience in the identification of resource hogs. They support you throughout the entire process: from analysis to implementation of measures and concepts for optimization. We proceed as follows:

Analysis of potentials: Our engineers uncover potentials for optimization, prioritize these based on applicable indicators, and derive possible measures. In this process, we follow the 4+1 methodology: four days of analysis at the customer, one day for presentation of findings.

Detailed analysis: We test the feasibility of tangible improvement measures and develop them further.

Implementation support: We support you during the implementation of the derived improvement measures and also coordinate with other participating companies upon request.

Verification of success: We determine the tangible savings in resources after successful restructuring of the production process.

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